AI-Based Database Activity Monitoring
Machine learning database security combined with privileged account activity monitoring from CyberArk offers protection against database attacks and simplifies compliance.

1. Monitors privileged sessions and high-risk database activities against sensitive tablese for SOX compliance

2. Discovers databases — including those that are undocumented or non-compliant — that can potentially pose a cybersecurity threat

3. Aggregates and correlates database activity from multiple database management systems – Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Sybase

4. Uses highly accurate machine learning to immediately pinpoint compromised credentials and advanced database attacks

Rapid deployment with transparent operation
Provides protected audit trail of database privileged user activity

Non-intrusive deployment via network TAP or SPAN port — No agents required and won’t interfere with any other cybersecurity systems

Compliant with continuous monitoring requirements specified in NIST 800-53, PCI DSS, COBIT DS5.5, HIPAA, & GLBA

Offers your staff unprecedented insights into your database network activity

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DB Networks Agentless Database Activity Monitoring
Compliance-Grade Database Activity Monitoring

The Agentless DAM combines CyberArk Privileged Session Manager with DB Networks DBN-6300 enabling organizations to securely control database access as well as monitor privileged user activity. The solution significantly improves upon native database auditing capabilities.

The CyberArk Privileged Session Manager operates as a secure proxy server, separating endpoints from target systems and isolating privileged sessions. The CyberArk solution also records keystrokes and commands, which an organization may use to assist with auditing and forensics analysis.

Through the Agentless DAM, customers also gain deep insights by discovering all active databases,identifying tables being accessed and the specific applications accessing the databases. In addition, machine learning technologies immediately identify compromised credentials and database attacks.

Operating at the database tier, directly in front of the database servers, the Agentless DAM is in the optimal location to analyze database traffic and to immediately identify undocumented databases, insider threats, traffic to/from restricted segments, and advanced database attacks. When rogue SQL statements are present at the database tier it means perimeter security has been breached and an application has been exploited. The Agentless DAM may be the final defense in an effective database defense-in-depth strategy.