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Listen: Insider threat protection with the DB Networks DBN-6300

David Rosenberg explains identifying compromised credentials through machine learning

In this podcast David Rosenberg, CTO/Products at DB Networks, talks about how real-time compromised credential identification is accomplished with the DBN-6300.

Rather than inherently trusting specific clients, servers or users, the new approach of the DBN-6300 identifies normal business flows and evaluates the risk and business context of any deviation. Doing this accurately and in real-time requires deep protocol analysis on large amounts of database communications to detect when an entity demonstrates a new behavior – indicative of an attacker using stolen credentials.

Listen: New approach to SQL injection detection

David Rosenberg explains DB Networks technology

Signatures can’t keep pace with the attackers – either they’re too late or too broad. DB Networks technology automatically analyzes all SQL statements dispatched from your Web applications destined to your databases in order to construct a unique multi-dimensional behavioral model. Using this behavioral model, each SQL statement is then subjected to a thorough lexical analysis and SQL semantic comparison analysis. Any rogue SQL statements are immediately identified and your defined alarm procedure is invoked.

DB Networks technology is completely plug-and-play — there are no blacklists, signatures, or whitelists to configure and maintain. Behavioral analysis has proven to be highly accurate at identifying even then stealthiest of SQL injection attacks.