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Predictive Data Loss Prevention with Continuous Monitoring
Information systems are riddled with blind spots. Hackers lurk in the shadows attacking your databases and stealing your most sensitive data. You need DB CyberTech machine learning based predictive data loss prevention.

Deep SQL inspection continuously monitors to discover database assets, classify sensitive information, let you know who’s accessing which databases, and what they're doing. Machine learning is applied to immediately identify insider threats and external database attacks that otherwise would have resulted in your data being stolen.

How it Works

Our patented machine learning is field proven to accurately predict and alert when database data loss is imminent—enabling data loss to be prevented

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"DB CyberTech is effective against highly advanced database attacks, including APTs, that have
breached the perimeter"


Joe McCray
CEO, Strategic Security

Field Proven and Award Winning Technology

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DB CyberTech Launches Intelligent Structured Data Classification to Identify PII and Other High-Value Data

DB CyberTech's intelligent data classification utilizes natural language processing to continuously and accurately identify an organization's high-value sensitive data such as personal data, intellectual property, health records, and financial information. With this capability organizations are now able to focus security resources and compliance efforts on the specific set of databases that store sensitive data and therefore pose the greatest risk of loss to the organization.

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‘7 Minutes’ with DB CyberTech SVP of Corporate Strategy and Marketing Ali Hedayati

The specter of SQL injection has evolved into something much more ominous: stealth attacks to steal intellectual property and sensitive data. Those types of attacks are addressed by data-loss prevention (DLP) technology. DB CyberTech recognized DLP as a must-have defensive layer and evolved its machine-learning-based technology into a product that the IT channel can use to prevent data loss.

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GDPR Continuous Compliance:
How to Discover, Classify and Protect
Personal Data

Is your infrastructure ready for the GDPR requirements for 72 hour breach notification, 30 day response to change requests and continuous monitoring for structured data?

Join our CTO Dave Rosenberg to learn how DB CyberTech’s GDPR solution will enable you with continuous monitoring for structured data to remain compliant and have real time visibility. This webinar includes:

>   Technology requirements for GDPR structured data

>   DB CyberTech’s GDPR solution and technology overview

>   Product demonstration

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